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[sticky post] 

Welcome lovlies
Have a Kara Thrace gif, 'cause all the cool kids have a pi

Anyway, sticky welcome type post, you know the drill
(I stole it fro cranmerswho stole it from  ever_neutral)  

Fandoms, Characters, Ships
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Other things I love in life:
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So in Summation:
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(Ima live blog this badboy)

So, CW has a new show about a hot teen dude who is super special and an ordinarily extraordinary teen girl who get together etc and are played by late 20 somethings who are all dressed by personal designers.  So of course, I am going to watch the motherfuck outta this.  CW may not be super original, but it has a formula I can't argue with.

Firstly, I will watch anything with Matt Lanter, mostly because of that time he voiced Anakin Skywalker and I have a thing for Anakin Skywalker so like yeah.  Plus he is hot and his hair in this show is ridic and he has a sexy voice and much like Paul Wesley I suspect he will act his little heart out despite what will prob be a super sad script.

Also, I love how CW recycles people and so you are watching and then suddenly Anna and then Tyler's mom and that blond kid who has been desperately trying to find a show (I'm pretty sure he was on ABC family and sucked there too) and he still sucks a lot, god bless.

Also, the future i am so weak, touch screen errything this is the future

I thought it was weird/cool that they eliminated the "under God" thing from the Pledge of the Allegiance.  I hope they address religion because religious shit is my fav thing and no one ever talks about it.

This is like a weird primer on racism in America, only things are super whitewashed and also way less violent.

I am so weak right now, when was the last time you saw a teenager who was that built I'm dying.

I have also decided that CW stars deserve a million dollars because they get through this shit daily without laughing.

Care to take bets on how long it takes for them to get together?  Cause this shit rn is 100% Elena/Stefan sized angst, only whathisface Roman or whatever seems slightly pissier which is good because I like pissy people tbh

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Also, please come watch this show with me it is going to be so dumb omg it will be like TVD resurrected.

Yeah, so about my fandom

You know, its funny, because if you had asked me a year ago, hell, even six months ago, I would have told you that I ship a lot of things, but I would have also told that I had my otps, and that to date, one of the best relationships I had ever seen on television was Stefan and Elena.  I also would have said that in the year since I had dropped out of the TVD, I felt disconnected from fandom in a way that I found disconcerting, and also that I wasn't sure I was going to find a show I loved that way again. (I mean, BSG is my above all show, but I feel like its more religion and less fandom for me, you  dig?)

And then, quite complete by accident, I found Sons of Anarchy.  I swear to god I intended only to watch one episode---something to do while I ate dinner, and before I knew it, I was six episodes in, and then I was blowing off all of my newly returned TV shows just to watch as many episodes of SOA a night as I could.

Because these people?  Fuck, I don't think I've ever seen characters more completely human, more realized, since Battlestar Galactica.  And Jax Teller?  He's everything I looked for in Stefan Salvatore and didn't quite get.  And Jax and Tara?  They are everything I have ever wanted to see in a relationship.

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well huh

It has legit been so long since I actually gave a shit about a tv show I have actually kind of forgotten what it felt like.  Like, god, I remember back when TVD was like, my complete jam.  Like, I read fic, ate up meta left and right, and these characters made me feel man.  Like, god I would legit sit there clutching pillows and talking to the tv and calling them my babies and just.  Yeah.

But then it went south and I just could not care, and like, I watch a shit ton of television, but nothing has really done it for me, you know?  I mean, I went back to reading A Song of Ice and Fire because I needed characters to care about again, and I legit love all of those perfect people unto death.

And like, I kind of miss being part of a fandom, you know?  Like, being involved, having discussions, etc.  But I don't really have anything like that atm.

But like, legit tho, I have been watching Sons of Anarchy, and like, fuck me but like, I have all these feelings again.  And I feel like its really difficult to explain because ostensibly this show is about all sorts of shit I hate and these people aren't really great, but like, I dunno, I sort of adore them all.  Like, I mean, the main character is def my type, you know.  I mean, not the whole biker shit or the killing people in a gang war shit, but like I dunno, the good person who fucks shit up all the time because he is so earnestly human tho, and like imperfect and doesn't always think, but like, god they try so fucking hard even when they fuck up, and they don't apologize for shit except when they do and like,

And it's weird because I love people like Jaime Lannister and Jax Teller and Stefan Salvatore and Anakin Skywalker (and of course the super precious people like Luke Skywalker and Jon Snow) but I legit cannot stand Damon Salvatore or Klaus or any of the fucking people on Once Upon a Time.  I'm pretty sure it has to do with writing.

At any rate, I am all about SOA at the moment, and like, I want to read all the fanfic (p. much exclusively Jax/Tara because I am nothing if not completely boring and predictable but I really wanna know moooooooooooore), but I have no one to talk with about it and the supply of fic is really small because I like boring things and like, idk.  I mean, its not a fandom because I'm not all about it exactly and I don't really want to read meta and I'm only tempted to write fic, but hey.  's better than nothing

teevee shows of late

So, tv shows have started again.  And I find myself surprisingly uncaring.  Like, okay tbf my CW shows are not back, and as you well know, shitty teenage dramas are my bread and butter, but like, idk, even my usual shitty ABC shows just aren't doing it.

So, mostly due to extreme boredom in the evenings and an overwhelming need to have something to watch while I create stuff for my 7 years olds in order to educate the little munchkins, I turned to series-cravings.

I literally just needed one show, really quick, just something to briefly pass the time.  So I put on Sons of Anarchy.  This was Wednesday.

And then I accidentally two seasons.

I swear, I'm not even sure why I like this show.  I mean, its about a motorcyle club, for one.  I don't like motorcycles.  They are loud vehicles of death and there used to be this dude who lived down the street from me when I was younger and he drove to work everyday at like 5:30 on motorcycle and it was the loudest shit ever.  Plus, when you are driving, why on earth would you willingly choose to expose yourself to the outside?  I like my insulated car better thanks.

Also, being that it is about a motorcycle club, it is full of misogyny and sexism and other sorts of awful things which I neither like nor support nor particularly want to watch TV shows about.

Plus, and I say this knowing that I am a shallow person, there are really no attractive people in it at all.  Which is usually at least slightly mandatory for me.

But like, idk it is super addicting and like, I have blitzed through one and a half seasons in like, three days which is crazy considering I don't get home from work until 6 every day and I am in bed by 10.

I'm just saying.  Sometimes I worry about my choice in media.

I need the CW back.

Also, 20000000000 laughs to the fact that TVD premiered with its lowest ever ratings and also has had about a 25% drop in interest from last year. 
I have literally watched every television show I can this summer, excepting the ones I refuse to watch, and so now I am re-watching Lost, because I never finished.

Anyway, it is actually better than I remembered, but like, some things are the same for me as with every other tv show, and some things are not.

  • Like, okay, so I am in love with Jack, which no one is surprised at, because he basically expertly fills that role of perfect person who fucks stuff up all the time and also has a tragic backstory and is like, a super fucking good person and if everyone would just listen, but they don't and he makes mistakes and etc etc.  Basically he is precious and prob. the obvious one to love but that's what I do.

  • I don't really ship anyone which is strange because I legit ship everyone and their uncle on things usually except that idk I don't really on here.  I mean, I love them all, but I mostly just want them all to be happy.

  • I am very bothered by the fact that all the girls wear their hair stringy and hanging on their face all the damn time.  Like, I get that it is the jungle and they have no shampoo let alone hair product, but like, okay I have very curly hair and in this humidity I have doubt it would be gigantic, but like, that's why you would put that shit up off your neck in a pony tail or a tight braid.  You would not let it hang long and sweaty and gross all over you, that shit is nasty.

  • I actually find myself watching this show very passively, in that I am not obsessively thinking about it, but just enjoying it as I watch, which is a welcome change.

That is all I can think of, but basically I am ready for fall tv begin. 

Oh Game of Thrones

I should start by saying that a Song of Ice and Fire is literally my favorite book series ever.  I have read it a grand total of probably four times, and I have skimmed various books at least 6 more times.  I spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about these people, and I pretty much love and adore all of them.

That being said, in a fit of insanity last night, I decided to watch various clips from the past season of Game of Thrones.  It was kind of like a train wreck—it was horrible, but I couldn't look away. I remembered it being awful—there is a reason that I stopped watching following season 2— but like, it was even worse than I remember.

So, if I may, a few brief notes—

On why this teevee show confuses meCollapse )

Fandom thingsssssss

1. While I don't necessarily care about Doctor Who anymore (Moffat makes it basically impossible for me to care at all--I think it's likely I'm more a RTD Who fan, and not a Doctor Who fan) I do think it's kinda weird that they cast a dude who like, was pretty prominantly featured before.  I mean, I don't know much about him, but like, as soon as I saw him I was like, "wait, wasn't that the John Frobisher who got caught in a horrific situation with the 456 and then murder suicided his family?".  idk how this is going to work, but tbh if he brings just a little teeny bit of seriousness/gravity back, I guess its all good.

I do wonder why people are so into the Doctor being a girl.  I'm all about gender equality, but the doctor is not a girl though?  Also, would you really want Moffat with a girl doctor?  Yeah, I think not.

2. There has been a lot of Pacific Rim on my dash lately, and like, idk but I didn't know this was a real fandom?  It is weird.

3. Tumblr blacklisting is a lot harder than I thought, because shit keeps slipping through. Guys, I don't want GOT stuff up on my dash (but i do want asiof), or creepy naked video game pics, and like, it keeps getting through. Ug ug ug :(

4. I am going to watch 400000000 shows this fall but it is possible that I only like maybe 4 of them?  Whatever, I just like tv, even if the shows are silly or whatever.  I will talk about it all, even if I hate it, which makes me possibly a masochist

5. Alsoalsoalsoalsoalso I may be in love with Edward Kenway and AssFlag isn't even out yet.  I gotta say, as much as I want to have a female assassin, I never object to hunky assassins running around killing things with beautiful weapons in beautiful ways.

6. Also I am having a lot of ASIOF feelings and I just really want a prequel series okay?  (all the Rhaegar/Lyanna forever)

The new live journal is creepy

I guess you can't creep on anyone any more without commenting, since now it shows the people who creep on your journal.  Which is creepy.  And sad, because I am a serial creeper.

In totally unrelated news, I started watching White Collar, because I am basically watching every show over three seasons now, and anyway I am basically in love with everyone and everything, which is weird cause I am super picky, but like it makes me happy and they are all adorable and perfect, and whatever.  So, that's good.  

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